FAQ Section

Payment Declined - Funds avilable

This is the most common question we have.  Our services process two transactions to be in compliance with local Laws.  1st being the merchant amount 2nd being the service fee.  If one of these two transactions are not approved this could result in a decline or there is a security flag with your bank. You should contact the toll free number on the back of your card. Once this happens there is nothing we can do except recommend for you to try a different payment method.

Payment pending but was not approved walkup or online.

This is due to more than likely one of the two transactions did not get approved either the merchant amount or the service fee. When this happens the system will automatically void one or both transactions.  This should fall off your banking account typically within 24 hours. However the county or we do not have control of what happens with the bank.  If he has not fallen off within 48 to 72 hours contact us we will be glad to investigate and research.

My CashApp card is not working.

This is common question CashAPP is a higher security flag. This may or may not work.  We ask that you have another payment method prepared incase.

I have American Express it's not working

Check with local county or municipality see if this card is accepted. We always accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover.

Customer says I have Invalid CVV - the digits are correct

We always ask to double check this however the issuing bank may default to this error even if cashback limit has been exceeded.

Why do I have to pay service fee?

In most area it’s against the law for any local or statewide government to pay the expense to process credit card. Therefore it’s called service fee that’s passed to the consumer to cover the processing expense.

My record is not accurate or I believe they have been paid.

Contact the agencry or municipality that service your account they will be more than glad to assist. You can find their local number by going to https://spgpay.com.

Are there text and email reminders?

We are currnetly working on this feature should be released by end of the year.